Set of all three!

If you're ever started a sentence with the words "Well, technically, that's not a..." then you are a nerd. And when you have a baby, you don't stop being a nerd. Just wait: kids' books are going to drive you crazy. Slappy the Seal is actually a sea lion. Tommy the Turtle is totally a tortoise. And does anyone at Disney have a clue which ones are alligators and which ones are crocodiles? Looks like not.

So! Now you can decorate your child's room with artwork that's pretentious on at least three levels:

1. The title is a reference to Magritte's famous work, "This is not a pipe"

2. The pieces point out the difference between easily confused animals and

3. It's in French! Everyone will feel so ignorant and unworldly compared to you! Unless they speak French. Then you will need to lean a little harder on the first two levels.

This is a set of THREE 8x10" archival print of my original illustration, printed with a border for easy framing. All prints are signed and dated.

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