Mysteries of flight! This is a two-print set.

Question: How does a plane fly?
Answer: NO ONE KNOWS. Isn't that sort of terrifying??

Yeah, we've seen the Bernoulli effect on the Ellen show, and it's way cool. But that explanation turns out not to be the whole story. The equations that smart people with giant brains use to describe flight are so complex that they make the world's best computers burst into tears. And those equations are only *describing* the lift that takes place -- they don't really answer exactly WHY it works that way. So yeah. Weird. Young kids, maybe you can grow up and figure it out?

When I started working on this piece, I really thought rocket propulsion was fairly straightforward. Thrust goes this way, rocket goes that way, right?? Oh ho ho was I ever wrong... the details are woven through the print.


8x10" set, Signed by the artist.

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